The I-Studio offers a unique design opportunity for all UK designers

Representing a unique opportunity for UK designers and architects, The I-Studio helps continue to push creative boundaries and create truly inspiring buildings. The new I-Studio will allow members of the UK building community access to state-of-the art visualisation for upcoming projects. Architects or building professionals can meet with the Anderton design team, by appointment, to visualise exactly how future project will look through the use of our unique software.

View our full range of concrete rail products, fencing materials and retaining wall systems

The complete catalogue can be viewed at the recently opened I-Studio, including rail and infrastructure products from Anderton Concrete. Projecting their drawings on to the wall, architects can gain an accurate insights on both the interior and exterior of their project, and with the help of our skilled design team, gain further knowledge of Anderton Concrete products and the wider Ibstock range.

Partnering with our customers to make sure they succeed

One of our mission statements is to partner with customers to make sure they succeed. What better way to do this than with our unique and inspiring I-Studio that brings an innovative and interactive space for architects and designers to push boundaries.

The I-Studio

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