Keystone’s ability to connect positively with proprietary geogrid systems has enabled it to be built to heights over 15 metres worldwide. Ideal for railway tunnels and bridges – Keystone’s simple, dry build construction enables it to handle the most challenging site design and allows railways to remain open while a structure is being built, minimising delay time.

Examples of Construction using Keystone:

Retaining Walls
- Embankments
- Tunnel entrances
- Access Ramps
- Bridge Abutments

Keystone is a system of modular retaining wall units that are manufactured from high strength, durable concrete which are laid dry and can be used in conjunction with a geogrid to provide tall walls or to accommodate high surcharges. Alternatively, it can be used with or without a concrete backing to create a gravity wall. Keystone uses a unique high strength fixing system which securely locks the component parts in place. At the centre of the system is the patented blue comb connector that provides exceptionally high connection strengths.

A combination of Keystone modular units, positive pin connections and soil reinforcing geogrids delivers ‘rock solid’ stability and performance its enhanced connection between grid and block is critical to ensure economic designs.