Protect against cable theft from just £1 per metre with Ander-Fin - our newly approved cable anchoring system.


  • Cable theft costs the rail industry thousands of delayed minutes each year and is costly to replace
  • Cable theft causes safety hazards
  • Ander-Fin helps to prevent cable theft by securing and tying the cables to the trough
  • Ander-Fin secures long lengths of cable
  • Used in conjunction with Anderton cable troughs
  • Ander-Fin cable anchoring system is patent approved


  • Ander-Fin is inserted into Anderton trough from below
  • A Network Rail approved cable tie with rubber sleeve is threaded through the Ander-Fin
  • The cables are bundled
  • The cable tie is tensioned and secured


  • The fin is compatible with a range of Network Rail approved clips and sleeves
  • The fin is manufactured from glass filled nylon
  • Strength depending on orientation of the fin has a failure load in excess of 2kN
  • FIRE – The fin material has been tested to UL 94 and achieved V5A rating
  • Limiting Oxygen Limit is 32.5 and the material contains no halogen
Product Description & Specification