Brownfield boost for Concrete products


Brownfield boost for Concrete products

Shaun Forrester, Sales Director at Anderton Concrete, says brownfield construction will boost use of concrete products

The UK has continually fallen short of tackling the on-going housing shortage, although there has been some light at the end of the tunnel over the last 12 months. Phillip Hammond’s announcement that he wants to introduce reforms that will ensure the availability of land in the right places for housing is applaudable.

In particular he mentioned brownfield sites and scarce urban land – an under-used resource which is the most realistic way the Government can resolve the housing crisis.

“However, these sites typically require careful consideration and the types of groundworks required will differ from green-field sites. If housebuilders are to maintain the integrity of the property for the lifetime of the building, they need to invest in construction methods and materials that are effective, cost efficient and simple to use. Innovative solutions for retaining walls and soil reinforcement are essential.

This is in mind when we develop new products. We are particularly aware of the needs of cost-conscious volume builders faced with the impacts of an industry-wide skills shortage. By way of an example, our Slope-Loc product is a dry laid concrete block that offers fast construction and semi-skilled installation as it does not require mortar. Our Keystone product is also a durable dry laid system which is an installers’ favourite as well as being a practical and economic solution. This is precisely the kind of building material that addresses and resolves a host of challenges and will help to ‘get Britain building’.

With brownfields sites set to dominate the housing boom in the coming years, not only is the Budget a boost for the housebuilding industry but will also drive further demand for quality concrete products.