Anderton Concrete play vital role in Derby remodelling project


Anderton Concrete play vital role in Derby remodelling project

Earlier in the year, Network Rail began work on a new track layout in the Derby region. The project, which was part of the Midland Mainline Upgrade, was the biggest investment to the railway in the area since the Victorian era.

Over 600,000 hours of work went into the project which saw a huge improvement to the track and signalling systems. As well as work to build a new latform at Derby, opposite the existing platform 6, the project also involved:

  • replacing 17 kilometres of track,
  • installing 79 sets of points (which allow trains to switch between different tracks),
  • installing 55 new signals (the railway’s version of traffic lights),
  • installing nine new gantries (large overhead structures to hold signals and cables),
  • laying 150,000 tonnes of ballast (the loose stone which the tracks sit on).

To ensure the success of the project, Network Rail relied on Anderton Concrete for the provision of £500k of products, including C/1/8’s troughs and lids and a variety of ancillary products. The team continue to supply product to the site even after it opened in October.

Sales Director, Shaun Forrester, commented: “The Derby Remodelling project was a flagship scheme for the UK rail industry and one which Anderton was very proud to support. From the very beginning Anderton Concrete engaged with Siemens and the other contractors on site so we could efficiently plan production, stock and deliveries to best suit all involved. The feedback from Siemens has been outstanding with our reported KPI’s for on time, in full deliveries to the scheme sitting at over 99%.”