Anderton Concrete and Tensar International celebrate 17 years of success


Anderton Concrete and Tensar International celebrate 17 years of success

Since their initial partnership in 2004, Anderton Concrete and Tensar International have become a formidable force throughout the UK’s construction industry, collaborating on some the nation’s highest profile infrastructure projects.

With over 80 years combined experience in setting the standard for meeting the most demanding site designs, the relationship between Anderton Concrete and Tensar International is founded on a joint commitment to continuous product innovation.

As a world leader and expert in technology driven solutions for subgrade stabilisation and soil reinforcement, Tensar International manufactures sustainable and alternative geosynthetic products for the rail, highways and wider construction sectors.

Tensar International’s expanding presence throughout these sectors led to the successful partnership with Anderton Concrete, one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of precast bespoke and standard concrete products.

Today, Anderton Concrete is Tensar International’s main precast concrete supplier, manufacturing its market leading TensarTech® TW3 and TW1 wall systems for the UK and Ireland markets.

Over the last 12 months, Anderton Concrete has also collaborated with Tensar International on the development of its new ARES® Retaining Wall System, which combines high performance retaining walls with ease of installation. This is achieved through the use of large incremental precast concrete panel facings, which are installed in conjunction with Tensar International’s Tensar® Geogrids using high efficiency Bodkin Connectors to provide an easy to install, low cost integral system.

The partnership first began in 2004 when both companies were specified as part of the multi-million New Tredegar Regeneration Project in South Wales.

Extensive project requirements, outlined by both the Environment Agency and Caerphilly County Council, had to be met as part of the construction of the primary distribution road, the A14049, which included the replacement and extension of existing derelict walls to create land for a highway corridor and business development plateau.

Two new main walls, totalling 1700m² of face area and up to 10 metres in height, were created as part of the building process, whilst three additional walls, covering 700m² of face area, were also built.

The project required Anderton Concrete and Tensar International to take an alternative approach to product development and installation, as the wall systems had to successfully minimise the duration of construction, without compromising on quality or significantly increasing cost.

The extensive knowledge and experience of both companies resulted in the manufacture of a retaining wall system with a near vertical face angle that was both stable and low-maintenance, offering a design life of up to 120 years, whilst also significantly decreasing the duration of the build.

The ability for the system to utilise industry waste products as low cost fill materials, such as unburnt colliery spoil, also presented further cost efficiencies and a significant reduction in carbon due to the amount of imported fill materials. This also contributed to the significant reduction in construction traffic throughout local area.

This revolutionary approach to soil retaining wall solutions is still utilised today throughout the TensarTech® TW3 and TW1 systems, with the innovative wall package delivering an efficient and economical method of construction.

This is achieved by attaching Anderton Concrete’s precast concrete units to Tensar International’s uniaxial geogrids via a positive mechanical connector, and not relying on friction, giving more efficient designs and lower cost solutions.

Craig Roberts, Product Manager at Tensar International, said: “Back in 2004, the product expertise and passion from both ourselves and Anderton Concrete forged a progressive approach to the design and manufacture of retaining wall systems that improved both cost-efficiency and ease of construction for the infrastructure sector.

“Today, our unique solutions continue to set the standard throughout the industry as our clients have the confidence our sustainable solutions improve onsite productivity, without compromising on quality or durability.

Over the last 17 years, Anderton Concrete and Tensar International have collaborated on some of the UK’s most challenging rail and highways infrastructure projects, including the recent £1.5billion A14 Cambridge to Huntingdon Improvement Scheme, which saw the supply of 10,000m² of TensarTech® TW3 across 11 separate structures.

The reinforced soil wall system delivered stable yet cost efficient retaining walls for the load-bearing bridge abutments, which enabled heavy construction traffic to travel across both sides of the A14 throughout the entire building process, saving the client extensive money, time and labour.

Tim Fields, Technical and Development Manager at Anderton Concrete, said: “We are extremely proud of our exclusive relationship with one of the world’s leading manufacturers of geosynthetic solutions.

“Our collaboration on infrastructure projects over the last 17 years has enabled us to apply our own unique skillsets and knowledge to create a range of sustainable systems that push the boundaries and expectations of the industry. I know from the whole team here at Anderton Concrete we look forward to the next 17 years working with Tensar International.”

As part of Anderton Concrete and Tensar International’s commitment to producing the highest standard in product quality and compliance, each concrete faced modular block and incremental panel reinforced soil retaining walls have independent accreditation in the form of complete BBA HAPAS certifications.

For further information on Anderton Concrete’s bespoke manufacturing capabilities and market leading offering, please contact us on 0333 234 3434.