Ivydale Primary School, London

Increasing demand for primary school places is a national issue. In 2014 the London Borough of Southwark (LBS) proposed an increase to the Reception Year intake from 60 pupils to 120 pupils from 2016 onwards. It further proposed an additional new school site, located in Inverton Road to allow the school to cater for an expanded pupil roll.


The client’s brief required a high security boundary solution between and existing secure unit and the new build primary school. After much technical investigation it was decided that the optimum solution in terms of meeting the client’s design brief, budget and programme requirements was to construct a Stepoc wall.

The wall was constructed using approximately 400m² of the 256mm wide Stepoc blocks and reached a height of almost 5m. Unlike the majority of Stepoc walls there was no finish applied to it after completion apart from several coats of Masonry Paint. The Sub-contractor, Modebest had achieved an excellent finish on the wall which enabled this fairface finish.