Tim Fields

Technical and Development Manager

Tim is the Technical and Development Manager for Anderton Concrete and loves to find out different ways of how things are made!

Tim has worked in numerous roles within the group for nearly 17 years and having a degree in Civil Engineering this role closely relates to that topic especially as the majority of our business is in the infrastructure industry. He has quite a technical brain so the challenges associated with understanding the finer details of our products is always rewarding for him.

If Tim could steal someone's job for a day, it would have to be a pilot for the Red Arrows. When Tim was at school he always fancied being a pilot, the role needs a huge amount of technical ability as well as trust in your team mates.

Away from work Tim has a passion for cooking and landscape photography. He has applied for Masterchef a couple a time but not yet been successful - you never know, he could appear on the next series! A couple of Tim's photographs have been published in magazines as well as appearing on the local news programme as a backdrop to the weather report.

The best advice someone gave Tim was a previous manager who said 'When business is going through stormy times, you can either hold onto the mast and see it through or let go and hope for the best'.

Tim Fields