Ian Fishwick

Sales Co-Ordinator

Ian is the Sales Co-Ordinator in the Structural Department at Anderton Concrete. He has had years of experience working within Customer Service, both over the phone and face-to-face roles, plus a very thorough knowledge of IT. 

Ian really enjoys his role dealing with customers and helping with their technical inquiries, but if he could steal someone's job for the day it would have to be the Northern PewDiePie (does anyone know what one of those is?!) This role would involve playing video games and speaking to camera for the entertainment of 70 million subscribers!

In his spare time Ian is a keen gamer, but has a special interest in Retro Gaming. Having built his own arcade cabinet and regularly producing YouTube videos of me reviewing and playing older games, he is also a regular visitor to the famous 'Arcade Club' in Bury, Lancashire. Besides gaming, Ian also has an interest in Brass Bands,  Photography and videography, Rugby League, plus keeping fit through running and training at the gym. All of this has to fit around his wife and 4 children though! Sounds like Ian is keeping busy!

One piece of advice that Ian was given that has stuck with him is 'Always be nice to your enemies'

Ian Fishwick