Our Commitment to Quality


The aims and objectives of the quality system are:

  • Reduce production costs by minimising defective elements, remedial work, and wasted materials
  • To breed a culture of pride and confidence in our workmanship
  • To assure our customers of a consistent and first class product

Standards of performance are not restrictive to the saleable product, but extend to all of our activities throughout the business. The policy has the wholehearted support of the Directors and Management of Anderton Concrete.

Directors of the Company establish a general policy with respect to quality as follows:

It is the policy of Anderton Concrete  to manufacture high quality products, which are fit for their intended use and which provide customer satisfaction. Products will comply with relevant customer and internal specifications reflecting sound commercial practice and be in accord with statutory and regulatory legislation.

The quality management system and procedures described in our Quality Manual provide a framework for establishing and reviewing quality objectives. The system has been developed to address requirements of the international quality management systems defined in BS EN ISO 9001 and are mandatory for all personnel within the organisation.

Quality performance is a commitment to excellence by each Company employee which is achieved by teamwork and a process of continual improvement. The manner and arrangements for implementation and maintenance of the policy are established in quality system and procedure manuals, which should be read as part of this statement. The Works Manager (Northwich) is responsible for and has full authority as the designated Management Representative to deal with all quality related matters.

This policy statement will be amended as necessary from time to time. The Directors expect and hope to have the full and willing co-operation of all employees of whatever status in carrying out their stated policy.

ISO 9001 Quality Management

Every organisation would like to improve the way it operates, whether that means increasing market share, driving down costs, managing risk more effectively or improving customer satisfaction. A quality management system gives you the framework you need to monitor and improve performance in any area you choose.

ISO 9001 is by far the world’s most established quality framework, currently being used by over ¾ million organisations in 161 countries, and sets the standard not only for quality management systems, but management systems in general. Anderton Concrete is pleased to subscribe to this initiative.

It helps all kinds of organisations to succeed through improved customer satisfaction, staff motivation and continual improvement.

You can download our Commitment to Quality Policy here.

You can download our latest Quality Management certificate here.