Health and Safety


It is Anderton Concrete’s policy to provide a healthy and safe workplace and ensure by all “reasonably practicable” means that all employees are protected against the risk of injury or occupational ill health.

The Managing Director and the Management Team believe that most accidents involving injuries to persons or damage to property, plant or equipment, can be avoided through reasonable standards of care. It considers that the incidence of such accidents and their harmful effects to employees, visitors and others on Company premises can and should be minimised by means of full co-operation between management and employees.

Anderton Concrete will seek to promote its policy by all appropriate measures. It will provide such resources, organisational arrangements, systems of work and training as required. It will regularly review methods of ensuring that there is minimal risk of injury or ill health to individuals in the course of their employment, and of damage to property, plant and equipment.

In meeting the above objectives, Anderton Concrete Products Limited will demonstrate a clear commitment to exceeding the standards of available guidance and known industrial practices, wherever reasonably practicable. To achieve these objectives, it is essential that all company employees work to maintain and promote the appropriate safety management systems and create a safety first culture.

Arrangements for implementing and maintaining the Health & Safety policy

The ultimate responsibility for the implementation of this Health & Safety Policy lies with the Managing Director.  The Production Director, in conjunction with the Production Managers at each of the manufacturing sites, will assist in the implementation of this policy and shall seek to secure the efficient and fair operation of such detailed arrangements as may be appropriate.

The responsibility for the implementation of the Health & Safety Policy on a day to day basis lies with management at all levels, within Anderton Concrete.

Health and Safety legislation and other requirements will be kept under review by the Health, Safety and Environmental Officer to ensure that all management is aware of developments which may affect their responsibilities, function or activities. The responsible Production Managers are expected to take full account of Anderton Concrete Products Limited Health and Safety management system, Health & Safety Executive (HSE) guidance and industry best practice. Local management will also promote such other measures as may be appropriate and practical to achieve and maintain suitable standards. Local Managers are responsible for ensuring accident and incident data is transmitted to the Health and Safety Environmental Officer as required.

Anderton Concrete requires all visitors and contractors who visit our office or manufacturing sites to adopt comparable standards in relation to Health & Safety and work in a safe manner as mandated .by law and industry best practice. It is the responsibility of the Health, Safety and Environmental Officer, together with other relevant specialists to provide advice and assistance to site management in the operation of the Health & Safety Policy.

It is the responsibility of employees to take due care to avoid any acts or omissions which might endanger their own health and safety, place their fellow employees at risk, or cause damage to property, plant or equipment.

The Managing Director is committed to the implementation of this policy throughout Anderton Concrete Products Limited.

Download the Ibstock PLC Health and Safety Policy Statement here.

Health and Safety Management

Health and safety management is a daily priority of line management. Safety results for the company are closely monitored by senior management and are reported to the Anderton Concrete’s Board on a monthly basis.

Line management is responsible for ensuring that company health and safety policies are fully adhered to, and that site managers and employees, supported by company safety officers, are trained in health and safety risk analysis and prevention.

Where accidents occur they are thoroughly investigated and corrective action is taken to avoid a recurrence. Lessons learned are actively shared via Safety Best Practice groups.

Safety performance

We have found that the most common causes of accidents are slips, trip and falls, injury by falling and moving objects and improper manual handling: with additional care and attention by all, many of these accidents are preventable.

Our goal is zero fatalities and zero accidents. Due to the nature and size of our business, these are extremely challenging goals. We will continue to devote substantial management and employee time and all the appropriate resources to this area to progress company performance towards those targets.

Product safety

The products delivered by Anderton Concrete, when properly used, present negligible health risks. Material Safety Data Sheets advising on optimal application procedures are available on request.