Construction Production Regulation & CE Marking

Since 1st July 2013 it was mandatory for any construction product, covered by a harmonised European Standard (hEN) containing a ‘ZA’ annexe, to carry a Declaration of Performance (DoP) and a CE mark. Products not covered by hENs but with a European Technical Approval (ETA) may be CE marked.


Products not falling under the scope of a hEN or ETA must not carry a CE mark. However most construction products will eventually have a harmonised European Standard. CE marking is not a ‘quality’ standard, it simply confirms that a product has been manufactured to a performance standard that defines the characteristics of the product.

Anderton Products covered by a harmonised European Standard and therefore requiring a CE mark are:

  • Closure Blocks (EN 771-3)
  • Lintels (EN 845-2)
  • Keystone (EN 771-3)
  • Slope-loc (EN 771-3)
  • Slips & Coursings (EN 771-3)
  • Stepoc (EN 15435)
  • Standard & BS Fencing Posts and Gravel Boards (EN 12839)
  • DIC/IC (EN 1917)
  • Path Edging (EN 1340)

In order to apply a CE mark to a product it is necessary to have in place a Declaration of Performance (DoP) and these can be accessed for the relevant products at the following location: