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Charlie Luxton Builds a House

TV Presenter and Designer Charlie Luxton is currently in the process of building a new home for his fmaily in Oxfordshire and the nature of the design has meant that a number of retaining walls need to be constructed. Charlie has specified Stepoc on a number of previous projects for clients and decided to use the ssytem on his own property. The walls have all been designed by his engineer and he is using all three widths of Stepoc (200, 256 & 325mm) across the scheme. Charlie has teamed up with Homebuild and Renovation magazine to create a viedo blog which follows the project from start to finish and his latest episode shows the start of the construction of the Stepoc walls.

Watch the latest video blog here - Charlie Luxton Builds a House

Charlie Luxton House Stepoc Wall

Stepoc walls at Charlie Luxton's house under construction