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Keystone International Workshop

Anderton Concrete are the UK licensee for the Keystone Retaining Wall system and Structural Products Manager, Tim Fields, recently attended an International Workshop which was held at the Keystone HQ in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The Workshop brought together a number of other Keystone licensees from around the globe, including New Zealand, Spain, Italy and Mexico and provided an opportunity to share best practice and interesting project case studies.

Keystone International Workshop

Innovation has always been the heart of Keystone and the driving force that has led to the creation of over 60 new products for the landscape, retail, commercial and government market segments. These products are backed up by over 150 patents and 100 trademarks in Keystone’s intellectual property portfolio. As a reflection of their complete hardscapes offering, they have introduced Keystone Hardscapes as the brand that best articulates the expansion of the product portfolio.

Through more than 30 years of product growth, Keystone and its network of producers have become the world’s leading source of segmental retaining wall and landscape systems, and the industry leader in the development, marketing, and sales of concrete hardscape products. More than 65,000,000 square metres of Keystone’s product portfolio have been sold.