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New Ibstock Brick Factory

Ibstock Brick are increasing production of bricks at the Ibstock site by building a new and additional brick factory. This new factory will increase brick production from around 90 million bricks per annum to 190 million bricks per annum. The new factory will be located within the Ibstock site on previously developed land. Altogether the brickworks and support services would continue to provide long term employment to many local people. Due to the lay of the land a number of retaining walls are required as part of the new structure and Anderton have been able to supply over 200m² of their Stepoc block for constructing these elements. Project Manager for Ibstock, Peter McCann, was very impressed with the product and its speed of construction and hopes to use it in some other areas of the build currently designed using more traditional methods.

Brick Faced Stepoc

Stepoc Faced with Ibstock Brick at the new Factory

Stepoc wall being poured at the New Ibstock Brick Factory

Along with the existing factories, the new factory at the Ibstock site would continue to support UK house building and replace some 100 million bricks per year which are transported into the UK from continental Europe and further afield. Continuing investment and development of our brick factories is essential to ensure we are well placed to meet house building demands both locally and nationally.

The Ibstock site is uniquely positioned strategically in the UK on good arterial road links. Reserves of clay at the site are within the existing consented areas and this together with adjoining land mean clay will continue to be extracted locally and will not require importation by road. Brick making has taken place on the site as far back as 1830 and at that time was intrinsically linked to the coal mining activities in the area.

Some of the buildings on site today can be traced back to the early 19th Century but have been added to and modified to meet the changing demand for brick production. In 1994 Ibstock invested considerable money in the erection of buildings to house a new kiln and manufacturing equipment and this proposed 2015 development would be another stage in the organic growth of the manufacturing operations over nearly 200 years in the village of Ibstock.#

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