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New Product Range: Anderlite Troughing System (14.11.2013)

The Anderlite Troughing System combines the strengths and benefits of traditional methods, plus a reduction in weight of up to 30%. This lightweight advantage is both user-friendly and cost effective.

The Anderlite range of products have an identical profile to the current C/1 troughing range, thus a transition from system to system is seamless and requires no alteration to traditional lineside infrastructure equipment or practices.

It is the most cost effective lightweight system to procure in the UK, and is up to 50% cheaper than alternative lightweight systems currently on the market. Once procured the Anderlite system provides savings in on-site labour costs and offers a speedier installation process.

Anderlite reduces the risk of manual handling concerns and minimises labour requirements. Also the general reduction in weight of the product reduces transport costs by up to 20%, lessening the carbon footprint for all industry partners and providing cost savings over traditional systems. The unique cementitious mix design utilises 45% of recycled materials which reduces the environmental impact of the product.

Anderlite retains sufficient mass to ensure that once lineside it provides a stable installation that is free from future movement, 'snaking' or disruption brought about from train movement, severe weather conditions or ground movement.

The system also offers the optional benefit of being able to protect cables against theft when used in conjunction with the Anderton Route Security System.

Other inherent qualities of the Anderlite system are its resistance from sulphur attack in certain ground conditions and its excellent resistance qualities against fire and weather. It is also anti-static whilst having no detrimental impact on other lineside infrastructure equipment.

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